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Monero Mining

Let’s continue with the next coin in our Altcoin Report Series: Monero. But first some great news! You can start to auto-trading Monero with X11 mining contracts beginning today!

What is Monero?

Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency with a focus on user privacy and scalability. It was released in April 2014 and is currently gaining popularity because of the innovative way it handles transactions on the blockchain. It is among the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Its source code is not forked from the Bitcoin project, but rather a complete rewrite of a blockchain coin architecture with scalable blocksizes already implemented.


The protocol


Monero implements exciting new technology directly from the CryptoNote protocol implementation. The CryptoNote Whitepaper was released in fall of 2013 and focuses on transactional privacy. Transactions in Monero are processed through the use of cutting-edge cryptographic ring signatures, which are obfuscating the origin and size of the value being transferred by mixing in other transactions. This ensures that purchases, receipts, and other transfers remain private by default. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that a transaction could be linked to a particular user.

It is not possible to look up a Monero address balance on the blockchain. When a transaction is made a one-time address is derived from the Monero address and funds are sent to this address. The owner of the Monero address can control all his/her one time addresses at a later point in time.


Quote by moneromooo, Monero developer:

“Think of it this way. You have a large ground (the blockchain), with remote controlled cars (transactions) racing. There are people around the area, controlling the cars. But you don’t know who controls what car(s).”


Source: Wikipedia


Ring Confidential Transactions

An upcoming update to the Monero codebase from the Monero Research Lab is going to include a new feature called “Confidential Transactions” which will completely hide the sender, receiver and transaction value. The Monero team used the code written by Gregory Maxwell for the Elements sidechain project and adjusted it for the usage of ring signatures. The hardfork implementing Ring Confidential Transactions will likely happen towards the end of this year.

An important point to understand is that with Monero, privacy is built into the protocol itself and doesn’t have to be managed by the user.

Quote by fluffypony, Monero core team member:

“The next step is for us to continue enhancing Monero’s scalability, usability, and privacy – which is precisely what we’re doing with things like RingCT, which will completely mask even the amounts that are involved in a transaction.”


Technical Facts

Average block time between two blocks is 2 minutes. Mining will issue around 18.4 million coins in the first 8 years and afterward, a “tail emission” will issue sub-1% inflation to create a miner incentive.
Monero features a dynamic block size which is derived from the median of previous blocks. Once a spike in transactions happens, the block size will automatically adjust to include all transactions into blocks within a reasonable timeframe.


Current Ecosystem

MyMonero offers a web-wallet which lets users store and send Monero without the need to use the console wallet application Just make sure you back up your seed phrase before sending money into the wallet. It offers essential features like Overview, Send, and Recieve and comes with a slick user interface.

There are several Monero GUI wallets in the works, with announcements of upcoming implementations of Monero in the Jaxx mobile wallet, as well as the Exodus multi-OS desktop wallet. There is also an ongoing discussion about an implementation into a hardware wallet.

Monero is being traded on the following exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Shapeshift and most recently BitMex.


Additional Ressources

Official Website
CryptoNote Whitepaper Review
Monero Stackexchange Q/A

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Zcash Mining

The First Month of Zcash – A Summary

The first month of a new cryptocurrency is always the most exciting; prices spike, blocks are mined, money is made. The cryptocurrency that made the headlines last month was Zcash – a coin that promised the anonymous transactions Bitcoin could not deliver.

In its first week, Zcash momentarily became the world’s most valuable currency. The limited supply and massive demand caused prices to skyrocket, reaching a record high of 3,299 BTC per ZEC on Poloniex. It also became known as one of the most volatile, bouncing from $1453 USD/ZEC to $95 USD/ZEC in only the second week. It’s since shown some stability, hovering around 0.07 BTC (or $57 USD) per ZEC, as of December 5th.

Meanwhile, various exchanges rushed to add support for Zcash at launch, including ShapeShift and HitBTC, Jaxx – a multi-token blockchain wallet – and TREZOR – a hardware wallet.

It wasn’t all profit and excitement, though – Stefano Quintarelli of the Italian Parliament reported a proposed bill that would ban fully anonymous cryptocurrencies, including Zcash. It remains to be seen how the Italian Parliament will achieve a ban on cryptography (and mathematics) to accomplish this task.

There were a few technical difficulties which were fixed fast: there was a bug which caused private transactions (known as joinsplits) to not be mined; a bug which caused old nodes to follow an invalid chain; and a brief DDOS attack.

And then, there was media frenzy when whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted about the possibility of tax protests, in the wake of the anonymous cryptocurrency; Zooko Wilcox acknowledged it.

New coins emerged. A fork of the Zerocoin protocol, Zclassic, announced a removal of the slow mining start and founders reward. Founder Zooko Wilcox showed his support on the official Zcash forums, approving the fork. A european group of ethical hackers followed up with their own fork, Ebitz. NAVcoin sought to tread down a similar path, promising anonymous transactions that utilized a second Blockchain called ‘the subchain’.

Peter Todd, one of the participants of Zcash’s “Trusted Setup Ceremony”, documented his adventures (Which included a road trip, and a roasted laptop.) – and the meticulous process of ensuring his secret key was destroyed, which included a road trip, and a roasted laptop. The ceremony was deemed ‘security theater’ by some, and a resounding success by others. Morgan Peck, of the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) reported his observation of the ceremony; other participants were revealed to be Derek Hinch, Peter Van Valkenburgh, Andrew Miller and Zooko Wilcox.

The 20,000th block was mined on the 1st of December, ending the slow start and awarding 12.5 ZEC per block. The Founders Rewards address was revealed; preparations have begun for distributing the rewards, though at the time of writing, no ZEC has been spent.

The Zcash Electric Coin Company launched the “Open Source Miner Challenge”, seeking to bridge the gap between private and public software. Marc Bevand, an ex-Google employee, took first place with his GPU miner, SilentArmy; newcomer xenoncat took first place for the CPU miner with his assembly language implementation. Runner up’s included Tromp; David Jaenson; and Pavel M.

In response, Genesis Mining has been hard at work, optimizing our own private miner to ensure our customers receive the most competitive rates. Since the launch of our Zcash contracts, we’ve upgraded our hashing power six times – with no intention of stopping anytime soon. We’re the leading hashpower provider, after all – and we intend to keep that title.

It’s been an interesting month for miners and investors, and we’re excited to see what waves Zcash, Ebitz, NAVcoin and other anonymous currencies will continue to make in the financial industry – and the world at large.

We’ll keep you posted with news as they emerge!


Today at 09:00 PDT the Zcash Genesis Block was mined by the Zcash team as soon as the blockchain went live, we rolled out the protocol on our mining hardware. So far everything is going smoothly. We’re also happy to confirm for everyone who pre-ordered a 12(+1) month Zcash contract before launch that your mining hardware is directly joining the network as we speak.

The launch of Zcash marks the beginning of a new cryptocurrency era: one of privacy, through zero-knowledge and transactional transparency. We’re working hard to ensure a smooth, seamless experience – while challenges may occur along the way, we’re confident we can ensure they’re resolved with minimal interruption to your mining.

On that note, we want to reiterate that Zcash will have a slow start. This was how Zcash was designed. Let’s take a look at the current mining schedule.

The slow mining start

The slow mining start spans over approximately 34 days, in which the block reward rises gradually from 0 to 12.5 ZEC until it reaches the 20,000th block. This means that on day one, there will be presumably only about 104 ZEC distributed in the global Zcash network.

Consequently, there’s only low supply to trade over the next few weeks so prices will be highly volatile. You can find more detailed information in the official blog post.

Your Zcash mining payouts

You are now able to provide your Zcash address in the Genesis Mining user-dashboard to receive payouts. Please make sure to use “t-addr” (transparent Zcash address), not the “z-addr” (zero-knowledge addresses). If you can’t or don’t want to provide an address in the dashboard yet, we will credit your ZEC balance until you do so. You can check the balance in the “orders” section in your dashboard.

The minimum amount for a ZEC payout is 0.002. If your payout amount is lower than this, coins will be balanced until your balance exceeds this threshold and then paid out in full. Should you use an address of an exchange, please be aware of eventual minimum deposit limits.

We’re trying our best to process the first mining rewards as soon as possible and are optimistic that we’ll already be able to do the first payout of mined ZEC within the next 24 hours. We will follow up with more information shortly.

We have been working hard to improve the efficiency of our Zcash mining algorithm, and we are happy to announce that we are upgrading your hashpower by 30% for the fourth time! After providing three previous upgrades (300%, 200%, 25%); altogether we have upgraded our efficiency for you by almost +1000% with the latest upgrade.


Zcash has had an exciting launch, and we have enjoyed helping all of you start mining from day one. We are continuing to evolve our service to provide you the most efficient mining experience while remaining the most affordable Zcash provider.


Zcash is still in the slow start period, which is free for everyone who got a contract before launch. We will keep you posted on when the transition is occurring with everything you need to know.


We’ve also updated the contract pricing respectively, as this upgrade is free!

Many of you asked for it so we have added our “Genesis Mining Advanced Autotrader” to Zcash mining! This means that you can now mine Zcash and choose to have the mined ZEC (AUTO)-exchanged into BTC or ETH for payout! To choose any of these options, please visit the Mining Allocation page and select Zcash.


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Enigma ethereum mine

The worlds largest ethereum mine has successfully been built by genesis mining. You can now purchase hash rates mining contracts that last for 1 year. Your contract will give you hash power on the exclusive enigma ethereum network.

Ethereum is the first ‘world computer’. It is a decentralized network that can be used by anyone and is capable of running applications with no possibility of downtime, censorship or fraud.
It’s native currency, Ether is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies next to Bitcoin. Just a few months ago, the price was $1, then it shot up to $13 and today it has settled at just under $10. This rapid growth excited investors who were eager not to miss out on another hyper-growth investment opportunity.

While some choose to invest in Ethereum directly, many are turning to Cloud Mining to enter the market. Our Enigma Farm is a computation cluster built for exactly this venture. If you are as fascinated by the Ethereum project as we are and want to participate, head over to our website and become a part of the project!

5% Promo code to8u5g for Genesis

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Cloud Mining Pictures

Pictures from Genesis Mining, a cloud mining company. Genesis allows users to purchase “hashpower”and mine without having to own their own servers. Genesis has contacts in place so you can rent servers to mine different currencies.

genesis mining

While anyone can mine cryptocurrencies, it takes quality servers to efficiently mine and be profitable. Genesis Mining gives normal individuals access to high end servers used for mining.

genesis mining

genesis mining

Genesis Mining has early data center partnerships with China and Bosnia while most of its mining operational are handled through Iceland(we love the cold and so do our mining servers!).

Genesis Mining

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Genesis Mining Hive

Genesis Hive is the propertitey technology used by genesis mining to montor the cloud mining captabilites of their servers. Genesis Hive keeps everyones mining mining hash power running at the highest efficiency possibly for mining. Genesis mining algothirthms automaticallyt select the best cryptocurrnecy to mine depending on the markets.

genesis mining hive

genesis mining hive in action


Genesis Mining is the best cloud mining solution for users wanting to earn money mining crypcurrencies such as Bitcoin(btc),Ethereum(ether),Darkcoin,Litecoin, and Dodgecoin.

Join Genesis Mining today with our discount promo code to8u5g  and get 5% off your hashpower order.

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Get 5% off your genesis mining order with our promo code to8u5g

Genesis Mining is the best cloud mining company with discount and promo codes available for every hash you purchase. Use our discount code to8u5g and get 5% off your purchase order.

Zcash mining is live!

The Zcash protocol was successfully launched on October 28th at 16:20 UTC.Please note that due to the slow mining period implemented in the currency protocol, your Zcash payouts will be lower over approximately 34 days, in which the block reward rises gradually from 0 to 12.5 ZEC until it reaches the 20,000th block.

Zcash Update!

We’re glad to announce that our work on the Zcash mining software is successful and we have increased the Zcash hashpower of every user that obtained a contract before 15th November 2016 11:00 UTC for 30 percent. We’ve also updated the contract pricing respectively!

Genesis Mining is the best hash power provider.

You are able to mine Bitcoin and various altcoins. As of June 2016, we provide the following coins:

For SHA256 we offer: Bitcoin, Unobtanium, Bitcoin, Dark, Litecoin, Dash, Zetacoin and Darkcoin.

For X11 we offer: Dash, Startcoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Dark, Peercoin and Namecoin.

For Ethereum we offer: Ether and Bitcoin

We add new coins to this list from time to time.

A special feature is the “Genesis Mining Advanced Autotrader”:
For example, it allows you to get the payouts in BTC while mining with a X11 algorithm! This is possible by automatically mining the most profitable X11 altcoins which are then automatically exchanged by our algorithmic trading framework to BTC. This is a very cost efficient way of mining different coins. We call it “mining BTC the smart way”.

The same technique is also used to mine LTC with a SHA256 contract.

. Allocate your coins and make profit from all different types of currencies. Get paid daily for your genesis mining hash power.

You can use our discount code to8u5g and get 5% off your hashpower order.

Genesis discount promo

Genesis promo code to8u5g

Genesis Mining Data Centers

Genesis Mining owns a large amount of data centers used for cloud mining different cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. While genesis does tend to keep most of their cloud mining data centers secret, here is one of the working data-centers in action. Due to the sensitive nature of the cloud mining business genesis mining will keep most of their data centers secretive.

Genesis Mining Data center

Genesis Mining Data center

Genesis Mining Data Center

Genesis Mining Data Center

rare look inside genesis

rare look inside genesis

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